Ordering Instructions

We will attempt to give you a good example of what steps to take to order from us. The process is actually very easy once you get started and secure as well because we don’t
collect your credit card info. Your credit card info is only collected by PayPal which is the most secure and you do not need to create a PayPal account as long as you are okay using your credit card. The steps below will explain in more detail.

So we will try to explain the order process for 1
of our Hair Thickeners 100ml in black just as an example. Of course you can
choose what  ever color or product you want personally when you make your order
but for this explanation we will pick that color/product. Below each step we have also included a picture that gives you a short preview of what each page should look like when you arrive.
Follow these steps:

  1. Go to our website at: www.Hairfor2.us
  2. Once on the home page click on “Shop Hairfor2 Online” at
    the top from the menu. (Or you can also follow this link to
    get there too: https://hairfor2.us/shop/
  3. Now you should see a screen that will show you all the
    products we have to offer. Pick the one you are interested
    in. We are gonna pick Hair Thickener 100ml just for this


  1. Now you should be inside the product page. Here you can
    select what color you want, how many cans you would like and
    of course you can also see how much it costs. (Prices are in
    Canadian Dollars). Please look at the screen shot below to
    see what this page looks like and take a look at the areas
    we have circled in red as these are the important areas such
    as (Price, color selection, quantity selection and the “add
    to cart” button)


  1. After you have made the right selections for yourself
    please press the “Add to cart” button
  2. Now you should be inside the shopping cart and your totals
    should be listed in there just like in the image below. From
    this screen you can also add any coupon codes you may have
    and you can get a shipping cost estimate using the shipping
    cost calculator below the cart totals. After entering your
    postal code you will be able to select the shipping option
    of your choice.


  1. If you want to add more items to your shopping cart you
    simply have to click on the “Shop Hairfor2 Online” button
    again at the top menu and select another product. If you are
    satisfied with the way your shopping cart looks you may
    press “Proceed to Checkout” as circled in the image above.
  2. Once you have pressed “Proceed to Checkout” you will see
    the billing page where you will have to enter your address
    and if different from your billing address you will also
    have to enter your shipping address.
  3. After you have entered all the information you can proceed
    to to PayPal by pressing “Proceed to PayPal” at the bottom
    of the page.
  4. Now you should see a PayPal Page with your order summary
    on the left and a way for you to enter your paypal username
    and password on the right.
    If you do not have a PayPal account don’t worry that’s okay
    simply press on “Don’t have a PayPal account” this will let
    you pay with a regular interact or credit card and will not
    require you to create an account. They still need your
    address info in order to verify your credit card but they
    will not safe any information if you choose this option.
  5. After entering your credit card info just press “Pay” at
    the bottom and you are all set. You should receive updates
    regarding your order in your email but you can also Log into
    your personal Hairfor2 account at https://hairfor2.us/my-account/
    In your account you can also take a look at the status
    of your orders with us and even track your packages.

We hope that this has helped you and was enough detail to
successfully complete your first order with us. Please let us
know if you have further questions or you are still unable to
make your order online and we can try to come up with a better
solution for your individual needs.

If you need further
help do not hesitate to contact us again either through
phone or email at info@hairfor2.us

Your Hairfor2 Team

26 Zeffer Place, Kitchener, ON,
Email: info@hairfor2.ca